Terms & Conditions

Payments & Refunds: Prepayment is required for all projects unless other arrangements have been made. Payment accepted via Square only (I will send you an invoice). Refunds will only be issued for cancelled projects that have not been started; once I have started working on a project, I will not be able to issue a refund, even if you cancel your service.

Revisions: Please make sure your book is fully edited and ready to publish before you send it to me to format. Any typographical edits or revisions that result from errors in the original manuscript will result in a minimum $20.00 revisions fee. This includes adding or removing material, making typographical changes, or fixing elements that were unclear in the original manuscript (i.e., fixing scene breaks that were not clearly marked in the original manuscript). Regarding revisions to the design, I allow one free round of reasonable revisions to Kindle books and two free rounds of reasonable revisions to custom paperbacks. Any additional revisions, or revisions deemed excessive or unreasonable, will incur a minimum $20.00 revisions fee per version.

Double Spaces: As part of my process for cleaning and standardizing files, I delete all double-spaces. If you want me to maintain double-spaced sentences in your manuscript, you must contact me before I begin your project, as this process cannot be undone. Understand that there are some formatting elements I may not be able to fix (i.e., double spaces accidentally inserted in the middle of sentences) if I cannot remove all double spaces.

File Types & Compatibility: Unless otherwise noted, formatted eBooks will be sent as .doc/.docx optimized for Kindle. These files are not compatible with Ingram Spark or any other retailer. Additional file conversions may be available upon request for an additional fee. Formatted paperbacks will be sent as a print-ready .pdf plus a master .doc/.docx for the author’s reference; .doc/.docx paperback files are not to be used for publishing and are not guaranteed. Paperback PDFs are optimized for KDP but can be converted for most other retailers upon request.

File Guarantees: If you experience any issues when attempting to publish my formatted files, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to fix them and will fix most issues for free, because I stand behind my work. However, I cannot guarantee a file I did not create, nor can I guarantee all files will work for all retailers. If you edit the formatted files I send you, or try to publish a file on a retailer it was not optimized for, I will still gladly help you, but I may charge a revisions fee.

Copyrights: The author retains the copyright to all of their original material, including the manuscript and any submitted illustrations. The author is responsible for obtaining the rights to publish any submitted fonts, illustrations, graphics, quoted material, etc.; I will not be responsible for any claims or legal fees that arise from material submitted by the author. All of the fonts, graphics, and designs that I provide are free to print for commercial use. In regards to my designs, the author has the right to reprint, adapt, and copy my finished layouts. However, I retain the right to reuse basic layouts, fonts, and other elements in other designs.